Around here we’re all about doing things a little differently. We started as a little dream over a Marco Polo chat, and have officially been birthed as the lovechild between Bixby + Pine and Sarah Anne Photography.

We had lots of couples who wanted to have the big dream wedding but may not have had the big dream budget or time/energy to make it happen. So, why not change it?

The New Romantics is more than just a pretty couple of hours with your favorite people; it’s a new way of thinking--because the truth is: You don’t have to buy into the traditional wedding industry.

This means doing YOUR love, YOUR way. 

And we’re here to make that happen.

We’ll bring to life the most beautiful tiny wedding for you and your people, so that all you have to do is show up, get married, and party! Everything is included from photography to the design and all the way to the champagne you'll be poppin'!!

Tiny weddings, with big feels. You in?

This is what we do...

and this is the story behind it.

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we're the new romantics


Tay never reads the product description and she has wildly unrealistic fears!

Jordan changes the color of her nail polish more often than she washes her hair #naturaloilsforthewin

Sarah is our resident cat lady who will find a feline friend everywhere she travels.

Ash is a professional romance novel reader and only ever drinks half her drink...always...





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financial goddess

keeper of time

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Tiny weddings with all the big wedding feels. Come see what we have in store for you and your boo thang.


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