Bixby + Pine and Sarah Anne Photography had a Lovechild, and they called it The New Romantics

Before The New Romantics was born, an industry friend, Mary Jensen, had her own little baby, called The Mini Wedding Series–and when she was ready to pass the torch, we were all so lucky to be considered and chosen to carry things on.

So, like all good things, we set out to have some video meetings, brainstorm sessions, email communication, and one long day together to sort through the brand, the experience, the details, and everything in between.

This isn’t just a lovechild between two companies, it’s a four-way partnership. We’re all equal owners in the business, and will sometimes be the “operators”, Sarah as the photographer and B+P as the planners, and sometimes we’ll be selecting a curated team to pop up in other cities.

We’re really grateful for all of the support we’ve already received on social, and we’re looking forward to this new journey!


The New Romantics

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