Meet Your Fall 2020 Vendor Squad

the cheat sheet

Tiny Wedding: The New Romantics
Photography: Sarah Anne Photography
Design: Bixby + Pine
Florals: Bixby + Pine
Venue: The Historic Farmhouse 14
Cake: Sift & Gather
HMUA: Rogue Styling
Invites/Signage: Kalen Rivers
Officiant: Cheryl Harris


The time has come for us to announce your Fall 2020 vendor line up, and man, the roster is not disappointing…

Ya ready? Let’s do it!

Meet your coordination/florals team: Tay, Ash, and Jordan with Bixby + Pine

Hey fam! We’re the team that brings all the pretty shit to life! We met at daycare. Yep, we were in second, third, and fourth grade and our parents didn’t know it then, but it was one of the best decisions ever–because soon we’d become the best of friends, staying weeks at a time at each others’ houses. At the core of who we are, we value relationships and experiences most–and it’s kinda perfect that we fell into weddings, because they’re basically experiences to celebrate relationships. 

Fun Facts about Tay, Ash, and Jordan:

  • They all live on the same road and spend 8 out of 7 days together, most weeks.
  • B+P says “We swear a lot, but it’s okay, our parents are fine with it.”
  • They outgrew their first studio, so now they have that plus their new studio.
  • Their favorite colors are mostly black and white.

Say hello to your photographer: Sarah Anne Photography

Hey-oh! I’m Sarah! I’m a cat-loving-wine-drinking-golden-hour-loving-taylor-swift-singing-photographer and I cannot wait to meet you! I’ve had a camera in my hand for well over a decade and honestly, this job just keeps getting better! I love living in Seattle because (call me crazy) I actually enjoy a good rainy day, snuggled up for a Netflix and Chill sesh. I also love the deep diversity and support for love of all kinds that we have here and that I am honored to capture with my camera. I cannot wait to witness your love story and gift you back your memories in the form of photographs. Oh, there will also be dad-jokes along the way, hope you’re excited!

Fun Facts about Sarah:

  • Her cat Zara is named after the store Zara, and Finn is named after a StarWars character.
  • She hoards coffee cups on her desk (usually only clearing them when she gets to around a dozen).
  • She believes nothing is more satisfying than perfectly folded white towels fresh from the dryer.
  • When she started photography, she told everyone she didn’t want to photograph people, only products LOL!
  • She says “Like Olaf, I love warm hugs!”

Say wassup to your stationery designer: Kalen Rivers

Hi! I’m Kalen, a calligrapher, artist and designer with a love for travel. I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon where I accidentally started and intentionally grew my business for 5 years before taking it + my life on the road this past November. I’m a true enneagram 7w8, Aquarius, and coffee snob who is deeply obsessed with dark chocolate and my dog, Cake.

Fun Facts about Kalen:

  • She lives in a converted school bus and runs her business all while traveling the U.S full time.
  • She never went to college and all her skills are completely self taught.
  • Kalen has no middle name!
  • She says “I’m an ambivert (1/2 introvert + 1/2 extrovert)!”

Meet your hair and makeup artist: Alicia with Rogue Styling

Hey! I live in Ventura California with my husband and our four babes!! My  husband, David, is officially surrounded by a #girlgang and he’s totally good with that! I’ve been doing hair and makeup for well over ten years now and officially formed Rogue Styling in 2015. In my downtime you’ll find me tucked away (hiding from my four girls, haha), reading romance novels, and sipping on a vodka soda with lime. Movie night is a weekly thing in our house–we vote on who the family member of the week was and then that person has the honor of picking the movie.

Fun Facts about Alicia:

  • Alicia loves documentaries!!
  • Space movies are totally her jam.
  • Her hidden talent is opening champagne bottles–random but a skill of hers! If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll show ya.
  • Alicia says “my favorite snack, hands down, is popcorn!”

Say hi to your officiant: Cheryl Harris

Hello! I received my BA from Hope International University and an MA in organizational management through University of Phoenix. I’m a certified corporate trainer and have developed and delivered curriculum on conflict management, change management, and leadership development.  I speak both locally and internationally, I’m a published author, and yes, I’m a licensed pastor!  I live with my husband in Poulsbo, WA and we share two grown daughters. 

Fun Facts about Cheryl:

  • She’s been married to her husband, Harlan for 32 years.
  • She grew up milking cows, riding horses, and herding calves.
  • She says “I once encouraged my best friend to walk across a manure dump and she sunk to her hips!”
  • A moscow mule is her favorite cocktail!

Meet your cake artist: Amber with Sift & Gather

Hi, it’s me Amber! The cake maker of your wildest dreams!  I started baking cakes six years ago in Milton Massachusetts for a non-profit called “Birthday Cakes 4 Free” my family would bake and deliver cakes to children and seniors who were not able to afford a cake on their special day. During that time, it allowed me to find my own style.  I can now say with confidence, that my aesthetics is PNW inspired! I don’t use fondant, and I try my hardest to incorporate the season’s most beautiful fresh organic flowers. I love a good mood board to set the tone for my next cake design. Each cake is custom designed and executed with your vision in mind, add in a whole lot of my heart and soul, and BAMMMM… There ya have it. 

Fun Facts about Amber:

  • She has three kids, Laila (16) Elijah (14) and Levi (8) and she’s been married to her husband Anthony for 15 years (they met in Qatar while deployed in the Air Force together).
  • She’s a Type 1 Diabetes mom to her son Levi. He was diagnosed two years ago and is insulin-dependant. He’s monitored 24/7 even while he sleeps. This mom wakes up every two hours to check his blood sugar throughout the night. 
  • Sift and Gather is a Black-owned & Veteran owned and operated business. A business where EVERYONE is welcome to sit at our table.
  • Amber says “When I bake, I have to have loud music playing with good vibes, so that those vibes can radiate and be baked into my cakes and sweet buns!”

And say hi to your venue: The Historic Farmhouse 14

Hello! We are Amy and Derrick–the owners of The Historic Farmhouse 14 in Puyallup–we’re less about the farm, more about the farmhouse. The Farmhouse was built in 1903, the history is rich, and the legacy is long.  We strive for beauty in everything we do here. As a couple, we come from incredibly different backgrounds and even further parts of the country. Amy, a Washington girl and Derrick from Louisiana, our hope is you feel the roots of this area as well as the Southern charm, as you step into the Farmhouse and onto the grounds. From the green lush evergreens to the rocking chairs on the porch, we want you to feel like you’re home when you’re here!

Fun Facts about Amy:

  • Amy and her husband blended their lives with eight kids,
  • She says “Our business is a blend of the PNW and Louisiana.”
  • Her husband and her love to bet millions on things we think we know. 
  • She believes laughter can get you through anything.


The New Romantics

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