Who + What are The New Romantics?

What is The New Romantics? Or. Who are The New Romantics? 

Phew, those are loaded questions.

We’re going to get into all of that, but the short of it is we’re a four-way partnership between the girls of Bixby + Pine and Sarah Anne Photography (read more about that here)–Tay, Ash, Jordan, and Sarah partnered to form The New Romantics–a done-for-you tiny wedding with all the big wedding feels.

The New Romantics is a new way of getting married. With COVID kicking big weddings to the curb, an industry that screams spend all your money and invite your 300 closest friends, and feel completely exhausted by it all! TNR wanted to give couples another option…a new option.

A tiny wedding. Complete with everything you’d ever want, from a curated design, florals, photography, hair and makeup, invitations and signage, and so. much. more. (Like champagne, cake, and experience that’s so next-level you’ll feel like you just left a wedding spa!)

So, like, how does it really work, start to finish?

If you’re ready to do the damn thing, and have a tiny wedding (no matter the reason) you can start by adding your guest count and time slot to the cart and checking out–easy as pie!

You’ll get a welcome document that goes through ways to prepare, ideas to continue the party, and all the in-betweens.

The real party starts in the mail cuz who doesn’t love some good ol’ snail mail (also, #SaveUSPS). You’ll receive your welcome box full of goodies, complete with invitations to send to your favorite people–pop some bubbly rose and get those invites in the mail (don’t worry, you’ll have all you need to do it from the invite itself, to the envelope and pen to address it, even down to the stamp!).

Now your wedding day is here (EEEEEEK)! Show up at the venue and our hair and makeup artist will glam you while our photographer snaps, snaps, snaps away, getting those getting ready shots of the two of you AND detail shots of you invite, your rings, and other special pieces to your wedding day puzzle, like grandma’s heirloom earrings you’ll be wearing or your dad’s cufflinks. CUE. THE. TEARS. 

Once you two are ready to rock and roll, your ceremony will begin–you’ll have a tailored-to-you ceremony complete with a made-for-you personal florals and a beautiful floral installation. All ya have to do at this point is walk down the aisle, soak it all in, and say “I do!”

Now you’re freaking married! YASSSSS! You’ll get to pop some bubbly and head off for the rest of your portraits to be taken, friends and family first, then the newlyweds!

What you decide to do after this is up to you, but we’ll be sure to send you on your married way with some delicious cake to enjoy (and our guide will give you some ideas on how to keep the party going).

Now, not only do you get all of that (invites, hair and makeup, florals, ceremony, champagne, cake, photos, the whole nine), you’ll also have an incredible photographer there to grab every moment!

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, you’ll get a sneak peek gallery the very next day to announce the big news!

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Wowwwww, after the longest blog post ever, we hope you’ll consider being a new romantic, and doing your wedding your way, because love fucking wins!


The New Romantics

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